The Oakland Projects is a multi-media project that involves site-specific art interventions within the city of Oakland. I work on sites that I have a personal connection with an emphasis on the economic crisis and environmental destruction. The Oakland Projects is a venue to express my concerns for my community.


 Kathy deRosas Absence and Presence Video Oakland, CA 

Absence and Presence

This site-specific art intervention is a ritual to honor the closures of various types of shops on Lakeshore Avenue and Grand Avenue in Oakland, CA since the economic crisis in 2009. This ritual will be ongoing to document the rapid changes occurring in my neighborhood not only because of the economic crisis but also because of the competition of computer technology and high rents.

 (Click on image to see the Absence and Presence Video)


  Kathy deRosas, Leona Creek, Oakland, CA, Dreams of Red Velvet, 2010

 Leona Creek Dreams of Red Velvet, 2010

This site-specific art intervention is a piece about my personal connection to Damon Slough as an A's fan.  I have adopted Damon Slough through the adopt-the-creek program through Oakland Public Works Agency.

Creek to Bay Clean Up 2010 Locations and Directions



 Kathy deRosas Kasper's Stories, Original Kasper's Hotdogs, Oakland, CA, site-specific 2009 

Kasper's Stories, 2009

The Site Memory Collective a site-specific ritual of reading testimonies from beloved customers, Kasper patches, art and refreshments for the Original Kasper's 4521 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA.

A Tribute to Kasper's: History, hot dogs


Edna Brewer Middle School Sculpture Garden, 2006

A sculptural garden at Edna Brewer Middle School with the collaboration of The Crucible and Edna Brewer Middle School youth. Intensive workshops at the Crucible of arc welding, torch cutting and blacksmithing for youth to create steel flowers for the sculpture garden.

I am working on the second phase of  The Edna Brewer Middle School Sculpture Garden for 2011-2012. I am raising the money on I need to raise $20,000.00 for the project by October 10th. This project is to help create a positive school culture and to get as many youth and families to create art.

The Crucible