My work exemplifies change. This is revealed by the nature of absence and presence of change in my daily life. I use unusual and ephemeral materials like red pom-poms, dirt, piano wire, honey, salt, thread, beeswax, string and found objects to utter the laborious, cyclical, repetitive and rhythmic of time. The use of the alchemical actions like sifting, funneling, separating, sorting, expose the delicate changes of the materials through time and process.

I create playful, poetic, animated and experiential installations and sculptures that evoke tenderness, beauty, curiosity, and memory through time and change.

My work also includes community art interventions that I locate by walking in my neighborhood. I search for places that have been forgotten, neglected or destroyed and I start with an art intervention to infuse change that will bring awareness and action to transform a place. This art is part of my Oakland Projects which is ongoing as I walk, observe, and document the changes occurring in my neighborhood.